Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Ben and Motorcycle v Deer

A bit off topic, but Ben was hit by a deer while riding his Motorcycle up Hwy 32 in Tucker County WV.  Ben has 4 broken ribs, broken scapula,  and clavicle; and, punctured lung.  While in Hospital, he got an infection and pneumonia.  pulmonary embolism, and ARDS.

The deer is dead.

The motorcycle, a cute Yamaha TW 200, has bent handle bars.

The deer was crossing the road and Ben slowed up a bit to let her pass.  The deer then turned and rammed him.  Head butting him off the Motorcycle and breaking her legs.  They all landed in a heap, with the deer thrashing about as two drivers rounded the curve and stopped at the scene.

The two men approached and the first pulled a pistol out of his pocket and shot the deer, the second was an Emergency Responder (Stan).  He took charge of Ben, sorting him and recognizing him when he removed the helmet.   (Ben is also an Emergency Responder).

Life Flight to Trauma Center.  Expect everything to be resolved 100% in a few months.

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