Friday, July 4, 2014

Occasionally Flown Sites

There are also several WV sites which we fly and rarely comment or post about because the landowner have requested limited access.

SiteLaunch directionsSkill LevelNotes
CowenW, NWTrainingGood training site. Walk up launches. Up to 50 vertical feet, gradual grassy meadow, mowed landing area.
Summersville LakeW,N, STraining, Intermediate4 wheel drive recommended for driving up to launches. Open landing zone. West face makes for buoyant evening flights after a clear day. Launches from 100 to 300 vertical feet.
Erbacon (Amos Run)ALL!ALL!Over 2500 acres of mostly grassy hills facing all directions. Hills range from 100' to 400' All directions for most levels except for East, the East side would be considered intermediate.  
Fitzwater Rd.W, NWTraining, IntermediateNice training ridge, quick drive up and turn around. Big flat grassy area for flight preparation. About 180 vertical feet. A great place to learn much about paragliding. Can soared when conditions are good.
Cheat MountainWNW,NIntermediate, AdvancedQuick turn around with landing zones near launch. Landing zones are rather small and it can get bumpy.
Elk MountainN, NEIntermediate, AdvancedP3+ launch, 1200 feet vertical, long turn around, ridge and thermal flying, top landings possible.
Micky'sNW, WIntermediate, AdvancedSite shown in page banner. 900 feet vertical. Quick turn around, top landings possible. Fly with permission only. Good site for your first "real" mountain flight.
SnowshoeS to SWAdvancedContact Dwayne McCourt.
TetersN, NW, NEAdvancedP3+ launch. 1200+ vertical feet. Big air potential. Landing zone near launch. Long drive up, behind several gates. Contact Dwayne McCourt, Ben or LE Herrick.
Pharis KnobSE, SBeginner, Intermediate900 vertical feet. Wide open grassy launch and landing zones. Walk up flying.

Riner'sS, SE, SWBeginnerGreat first day training site.
Miller MountainSWVery Advanced. If you can safely fly here and judge the conditions accurately, chances are, you could fly anywhere.Site should be flown only by pilots with excellent paragliding skills on forgiving gliders. Miller Mtn. site faces SW and is 1,100' with a very limited LZ that is in canyon-like topography. Fly at-will with someone that is very familiar with the site. Gains of 3,600 \
McGuire MountainWVery Advanced  Site should be flown only by pilots with excellent paragliding skills on forgiving gliders. This site faces West and is 950'. The LZ is huge and easy in regards to room and obstacles. The LZ is surrounded by mountains so use caution and reconsider not flying if you are launching in conditions that are strong enough to kite.