Wednesday, April 1, 2015

High Point

WNW 5 – 15 mph;  Pete Lehmann (Sport 2), Pat Halfhill (T2), Larry Huffman (U2), JR (Sport 2), and LE Herrick (Ozone Buzz) convene at High Point on a day that showed some promise.  Larry was off first followed by JR and LE.  Everyone got up, but Larry and JR soon found themselves low at the NW Cliffs and had to struggle a bit to survive until finding a decent climb that got both of them away from the ridge.  LE found herself getting low behind the ridge and opted to land on top in front of Carl’s house.  

Larry flew down to Zirks before opting to go OTB towards Ft. Ashby where he ultimately landed after flying for an hour and a half.  JR climbed to almost 7000’ and went OTB towards Levels, WV and South Branch Mtn. He landed behind the Points, WV Post Office for 15 miles and 1:45.  Meanwhile, back at launch Pat and Pete had launched with Pete having the FOD getting to almost 8000’ and landing at Bloomery, WV for 31 miles.  Pat struggled a bit trying to find a good climb off the ridge and ended up going OTB fairly low which put him on the ground in front of Patterson Creek Ridge after about five miles and 45 minutes aloft.

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