Saturday, April 18, 2015

High Point

High Pt;  NNW 5 – 10 mph;  Gardinator, JR, LE, Ben Herrick (UP Katana), and Krista Auchenbach (U-Turn Blacklight) arrive at launch to find reasonable conditions on a mostly blue day where the PGs outnumber the HGs for a change.  Everyone got up and soared although LE and Krista ended up getting low at the West Face where LE eventually succumbed to the pull of gravity after 45 minutes.  Krista was able to claw here way back above the ridge where she stayed for the remainder of the flight.  The climb rates started out pretty good (3 – 500 fpm) and folks were getting to 4500’, but as the day progressed, the sky got milkier as cloud cover moved in and conditions began to soften. Everyone landed at the Fairgounds LZ after getting between one and two hours of airtime.

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