Wednesday, May 20, 2015

High Point

WNW 5 – 15 mph;  Larryboy, John “Homer” McAllsiter (U2), Gardinator, Greg Beyer (Sport 2), JR, Ben, LE, and Shimmy Shimrock (PG) take a mid-week flight that works out well for everyone.  The day started a little strong which meant the PG pilots had to watch the hangies flying around until conditions mellowed enough for everyone to join in the fun.  Larryboy had the altitude gain of the day to 4700’ and ended up flying down the ridge to Zirks and then out for a landing at Barton’s LZ after an hour.  Greg bailed OTB to land at the Cumberland airport after getting an hour to avoid the complication of landing in the Fairgrounds LZ.  Homer soon followed Greg’s lead and opted for a nice landing at the airport after an hour.  Gardinator and JR were close to getting scraped off the ridge to the main LZ, but found a climb on the West Face with JR then bailing OTB to join Greg and Homer at the airport for 1.5 hours.  Ben, LE, and Shimmy were eventually able to get off the hill in the mellowing conditions with Ben and Le landing at the airport after 45 minutes.  Both Gardinator (two hours) and Shimmy (an hour) landed at the main Fairgrounds LZ.

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