Tuesday, December 30, 2014

HIGH POINT- Clear Day / Light Winds

Pat, JR and Pete gathered on a not-too-cold, clear day of light winds.  Indeed, it was light enough at launch that there was some concern about it being soarable.  Launching first, Pat was once again flying The Tent, his big Falcon, and it proved to be the ideal glider for the day.  However, after a pleasant 1:10 in the air (and a good job of getting up from low) he suffered the humiliation of whacking a Falcon landing.  

JR (1:06) was off next and he had the day's best gain, getting to 3,500 msl in one of the day's surprisingly good thermals that had bits of 500 fpm in it.  Pete was off last and got 1:20 including a late, spookily strong thermal to 3,400 that reminded me of the scary stuff we'd seen the last time we flew High Point.  For the end of December it was remarkably fun thermal flying.

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